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Aquarius Career
Career Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
With Jupiter in this aspect, you can look to your professional future with confidence. If you're unemployed, you'll be practically assured of finding a job again. If your present situation doesn't satisfy you, you can improve it or even find a new, more interesting job. Everything will therefore be for the best. But in this domain as in others, beware not to let yourself be too much influenced by Neptune: If you show yourself too demanding, you won't fully profit by Jupiter's support.
Second Quarter
Jupiter, the star of success, will favor your relations with your superiors and will help you to assume your responsibilities. At the same time, numerous planets will favorably influence your comportment and sharpen your intellectual vivaciousness as well as your communication faculties. As for the Sun, he will increase your desire to shine. Thus you'll have excellent means to reach your goals. Simply beware of badly aspected Pluto who could prevent you from being clear-sighted and lead you to a false road.
Third Quarter
The domain of work will be highlighted. Mars and Mercury will stimulate you intellectually and strengthen the interest you have in your job. More efficient and better organized than ever, you'll have the best means to bring your projects to a successful conclusion. However, beware of Pluto, who could make it difficult for you to concentrate on your difficult tasks. Should this be the case, you can anyway count on Jupiter, who'll come to recharge you with enthusiasm and positive energy.
Fourth Quarter
The work sector will give you the greatest satisfactions. This won't be the first time as you're among those who do not spare their ardor at work and therefore it's natural that your efforts be rewarded. This will certainly be the case: With the beneficent aspects of Jupiter, there'll be a promotion in the air. You could find yourself entrusted with new responsibilities or must prove your worth in a new activity; but you'll feel quite able to take up the challenges.
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