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Aquarius Finances
Financial Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
With this aspect of Mercury, your financial balance should cause no problem on condition, of course, that you do not indulge in purchases above your means. Now beware: even though Mercury will be favorable to you on the whole, he can have a rather obnoxious impact on the financial plane in the sense that he may render you unrealistic and instill you unreasonable desires. This planet has the peculiarity of rendering impulsive; you may therefore be vulnerable to fits of folly that you'll have to regret. Up to you to keep your head cool!
Second Quarter
The astral influences do not seem to be very beneficial to you in the financial domain these days. For the moment you won't be prone to save. On the contrary, you'll tend to spend rashly. Please think over carefully before putting your hand in your pocket. Also, refrain from lending or borrowing. If an opportunity concerning real estate is given you, don't miss it for luck will be with your in this domain.
Third Quarter
Don't dream too much! The stars presently in your money sector aren't powerful enough to make you win a fortune at the Lotto. However, they can help you to improve your incomes somewhat. For some of you, a project hatched out with friends will be achieved and bring you more than expected. A mere hobby may also allow you to win some extra money.
Fourth Quarter
The astral climate of this period will incline you to take financial risks that are not always well calculated. Refrain from gambling and speculative investments. Once again know that the capital is not necessarily the essential factor of success of what you want to undertake; more importantly, your projects need ideas and above all the sense of organization. And, once again, remember that "there's no more sure source of profits than saving" (Syrus).
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