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Aquarius Health
Health Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
The numerous planets present here can somewhat affect your health. But don't worry: they'll be rather favorable to you. Simply, you may go through a short phase of nervousness and difficulty to relax. Above all avoid giving way to stress; do yoga or sufficiently intense physical exercises. If you're vulnerable to high blood pressure, you must be a little more vigilant during this period.
Second Quarter
Good health on the whole. However, your liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and spleen will be more vulnerable than habitual because of the harmful influence of Neptune in bad aspects. You must therefore take good care of these organs. Refrain from too rich or too spicy foods and drink much mineral water between your meals. Increased risk of diabetes during this period.
Third Quarter
Good physical resistance as a rule. You may perhaps go through some moments of fatigue, but you can recover very rapidly by going to bed a little earlier than usual. This period could allow some natives suffering from a chronic disease to see their affection evolve favorably, perhaps thanks to a change of treatment.
Fourth Quarter
Healthwise, you'll benefit during this period from the support of Jupiter. Your vitality will be excellent, to such extent that everything will seem easy to you. Those natives who've suffered from various affections will see their state of health improve in a sensible if nor spectacular way. Have a checkup of your eyesight.
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