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Aquarius Love and Romance
Romantic Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
The present astral configuration is by itself neither positive nor negative for your love affairs. It simply implies that you'll reap the results of your recent decisions: success and happiness for those natives who made good choices, difficulties and disappointments if you took a bad direction. Thanks to this configuration, some single natives can make a very important encounter which, however, may provoke a drastic upheaval in their habitual ways of life.
Second Quarter
For many of you, this period will be that of ruptures of betrothals or of liaison, often because of your fault since under the action of Pluto in a bad position you'll be much too intolerant. Fortunately, the last month of the period will be one of reconciliations thanks to the favorable lunar climate. Single natives may encounter some difficulties preserving good understanding with their love mates. Marriage can be considered, but be careful before making an irrevocable decision on such serious an issue. Moreover, don't mingle your family with all your love affairs so as not to create useless complications.
Third Quarter
To have the right to the presence of Venus, the goddess of love, in the love sector is evidently a promise of happiness for couples and nice encounters for single people. You'll only have to rejoice, whatever your love situation of the moment may be. However, beware of Pluto! For singles, this planet won't really be negative; but for those couples who are going awry, his impact could provoke violent disputes.
Fourth Quarter
You'll be very harsh with your mate, only seeing reasons for reproach in him (her). Beware of excessive intolerance! This uncompromising attitude may very well erect between you and your mate a wall that will be difficult to tear down. You'll feel sincerely persuaded to be right, but this is not what will be important: "To make a good marriage, the husband must be deaf and the wife blind" (Richard Taverner). Single natives will have some difficulty finding their sister souls but can enjoy a very agreeable light-hearted amorous banter.
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