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Aries Health
Health Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Good physical balance, as a rule. Protected by Uranus in harmony with your sign, you should have no difficulty coping with your rather stressful life tempo. However, given the impact of Neptune on your health, you must be careful by protecting yourself against microbic and viral infections. If you consider embarking on a new diet or a new physical exercise program, the moment will be very favorable, especially in March.
Second Quarter
No major problem to fear healthwise. Perhaps a slight drop in vitality and tonicity, or mild cardio-vascular troubles for those who're predisposed to them. Some of you will show signs of fatigue which are only manifestations of their mild anxieties or of their interior tenseness. A first remedy in this case: to lead a wholesome and well regulated life. And do not consider recreation and rest as useless or superfluous. Continue to do sport. Don't hesitate to do siestas during the week-ends.
Third Quarter
Rather good physical balance. Nevertheless, you must beware of the impact of Neptune, who can once more render you nervous or anguished. Try to relax before going to bed in order to avoid insomnias. You'll also be more vulnerable to contagious diseases for Pluto will sensibly weaken your immune defenses. On the contrary, if you suffer from digestive disorders, an improvement is in view.
Fourth Quarter
During this period you may become more greedy than gourmet. You won't look for sophistication: it's quantity that will take precedence over quality. Of course, you love good local dishes - from cassoulet to bouillabaisse and good old sauerkraut. However, a salad of fresh tomatoes with chervil, or a beautiful dish of potatoes with butter and parsley will also be your delight. And you won't neglect good wines, your notorious foible. Now, of course, your digestive system will end up being weakened. You should therefore think of moderating your appetite and remember that "the mouth kills more people than the sword" (French proverb).
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