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Aries Horoscope
Mar 21 to Apr. 19
Excerpt From "The New Astrology©" by Suzanne White
Aries Symbol
Aries is the first of the twelve Western zodiacal signs. And although it comes first, it is often thought of as the baby of the family. Aries respond to stimuli in an impulsive and headstrong manner. The complexities of cunning, deceit and duplicity don't appeal to Aries. The Aries person likes to operate out of righteousness (self- and the other kind), wherein he feels safe. The danger is that he can also feel a mite too complacent.

It's a sorry day indeed when Aries finds out that her "best friend" at work has wangled the promotion she herself has been drudgingly seeking through the conventional channels: filling in endless forms, waiting for the snooty personnel manager to give her an interview and hanging on every ring of the intercom in the hope that it will be good news. "Janet's been promoted," announces Aries' nearest neighbor. "Isn't that fabulous?"

The bad news really flummoxes Aries. She feels like crying. Why didn't Janet tell her she wanted the job? Why hadn't she noticed Janet's seductive new wardrobe? Of course that was why Janet had been putting in so much zealous overtime lately, Aries chews at a hangnail and worries, "How could I be so stupid?" Don't fret, Aries, you are far from dumb. But you are sometimes blindly naive. Because you have no ulterior motives of your own and like to be "up front" about your personal wants and needs, other people's machinations baffle you.

Take my advice. Put your forthrightness in your back pocket and sit on it once in a while. Sometimes life is just plain not fair. Be on your guard. Check out subtleties while they're happening. Head disappointment off at the pass. Don't wait until the bad movie is over and the plot has thickened to a clot.

Talent is awarded all Aries at birth. If developed at an early age Aries' talents in artistic fields may lead them to solid careers in music, graphic arts or artisanry. The Aries youngster may spend hours practicing alone in a room just to perfect a single musical phrase. Believe me, this kid is not worried about peer pressure or popularity-everybody likes Aries children anyway. They inspire confidence and are pleasant to be around. The child practicing his Mozart is probably president of his class as well as concertmaster of the school orchestra and head of the scenery committee for the senior play. Busy, busy, busy Aries never stops. "Achieve and go on to achieve again" is Aries' unshakeable motto.

As a result of Aries' sound sense of self, he prefers not to be told what to do. Aries is a natural leader and often the most creative thinker in a given group. Originality is his byword. Confront Aries with chaos and he will leap right in and begin putting things to rights. Aries is not afraid to delegate authority and makes a fair and just effort in the exercise of power. Aries are not easily swayed by others. Although they are naive, they are also both stubborn and egocentric.

Aries people are blurters. Again, their childlike earnestness prompts them. Aries is the dinner guest who points out the hair in the soup before it leaves the kitchen. Aries mean no harm. They can usually be trained by about age fifty to turn their tongues around twice before babbling untoward truths.

So Aries has the character of a feisty youngster. He seeks recognition in positive and assertive ways. He does not shrink in the face of conflict. Nor does Aries take a back seat gracefully. If Aries were offered a part in a film about cowboys, he would invariably want to play the U.S. marshal in the white Stetson on the white horse. Aries is an incurable good guy.
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