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Aries Love and Romance
Romantic Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
During this period, if you're married and happy with your spouse, the astral influences will simply bring about an alternation of tender moments and some small tensions. However, some natives will fall in love with someone else; beware, risks of divorce will be important! If you're single, a planetary cocktail will result in provoking sweeping love at first sight but also in confronting you with difficult choices.
Second Quarter
Rather stormy relationships with your spouse or mate in view! Your hut will be fairly shaken. However, at least, you won't have the impression of sinking into routine. Your couple life will be spicy, and such strong emotions will perhaps not displease you. Beware nevertheless: you must know the limits not to cross! Think of treading carefully where the other one is concerned. Most natives of the sign will live their love affairs in a chaotic manner, but they won't complain about it!
Third Quarter
You'll very spontaneously think about what you actually desire in love, which will certainly induce you to make important choices. Most of you will prioritize commitment and faithfulness; but some natives may decide to give themselves a phase of amorous freedom which could entail complications. Lastly, if you're a heart to be taken, Venus can offer you a present in the form of a first-rate encounter.
Fourth Quarter
Under the impulse of Uranus, you'll be well decided to enjoy yourself to the utmost, and nothing and nobody can prevent you from doing so. To put it short, it will be in your mate's interest to be more understanding and indulgent than ever and to close his (her) eyes on your indiscretions. However, if you make an effort at being in the place of the one who shares your life and at taking his (her) desires into account, you won't have to regret it! If you're single, a renewed passion might very well take place these days and turn your life upside down. Should such an event take place, you'll feel all upset and all queer - and yet you've the habit of falling in love with the first person you meet!
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