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Cancer Career
Career Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
The possibilities of an evolution in your job are very important. Everything can change and change rapidly. Mars in harmonic aspect will give you the desire to control everything and inspire you a great need of stability. However, it's not by confining yourself in a stilted attitude - which might perhaps have proved useful in the past but which is no longer appropriate by now - that you can solve your problems. In fact, you'll have no other choice than finding the means to innovate on solid bases and adapting yourself all the while preserving your achievements. This will require of you vigilance and efforts, but you can be up to the task.
Second Quarter
Your affairs will look like a real battlefield. You must at the very start put all your pawns in the game with the utmost care if you want to achieve the targeted successes. And then, go straightforward, trying to demolish all obstacles on your way. However, remain realistic and don't indulge in illegality with a view to taking advantage over your adversaries. If you follow this bit of advice, Jupiter will not disappoint you. Do not embark on so gigantic, excessive undertakings as it will be impossible for you to bring them to success.
Third Quarter
With this aspect of Uranus, your professional life will be highlighted. This will be the moment to take risks so as to strengthen your position. However, beware of Neptune, who might cause some contretemps that are rather difficult to cope with. Be extremely patient, let the situation clear itself up. If you're out of work, you'll have good chances to find a job in accordance with your qualifications.
Fourth Quarter
You never spare your efforts at reaching your professional objectives. However, you'll these days feel like you're getting nowhere. Oppositions within your work team will provoke difficulties. You'll have to make use of patience and diplomacy, those very qualities that it will be difficult for you to practice because of the restricting influence of Saturn. With this being said, it might perhaps be the time for you to let off steam. Pressure and tiredness are indeed inclining you toward negligence, sloppiness, dull presence of mind, and a relative lack of initiative and combativeness.
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