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Cancer Finances
Financial Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Fairly stable financial climate. Nevertheless you must remain on the defensive, not because the stars will be particularly negative but simply because Pluto will be in a disharmonic aspect. This planet may indeed greatly increase your tendency to spend too much. You who habitually are not a model of prudence in this domain will be inclined to commit follies. And beware: no other planet will come to rescue you these days!
Second Quarter
The influence of Saturn will be mostly felt in the financial domain. He'll incite to savings and discourage important expenses the necessity of which is not clearly established. Of course, it'll be in your interest to follow the path traced by this star. Also, you'll probably have the chance to get some rather unexpected money.
Third Quarter
Regarding finances, Mercury will offer you some timely help. But as Mercury is not a very influential star, don't expect to win the first prize of the Lotto or see your pay double these days! No, more simply, you may perhaps have the right to an unexpected bonus or the early reimbursement of a loan you granted before. In any case, remember that "fortune has cleverness as its right hand and savings as its left hand" (Italian proverb).
Fourth Quarter
Your material life will be cloudless. An improvement of your monthly incomes or higher life level. Those who've had financial problems will have every chance to solve them satisfactorily. You'll be well inspired in your various financial transactions. The practice of a hobby may also allow some natives to win significant profits.
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