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Cancer Health
Health Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
You should recover a better tonicity than lately. However beware, for the basic astral climate will remain rather difficult. Of course, you won't run the risk of a serious disease but more simply you'll somewhat lack resistance. Some of you will by moments be a prey to great nervousness; a homeopathic treatment or some acupuncture sessions should suffice to invigorate them. In any case, you should be in good health if you observe moderation in all things.
Second Quarter
Subjected to difficult planetary influences, you must adhere to a strict dietary discipline in order to preserve your health. Drink much plain water between the meals. Eat light foods and at regular hours. In order to stimulate your appetite, try new dishes or even a new cookery, for instance Chinese or Vietnamese cookery. Try to preserve the good physical form that you acquired during your last vacation by practicing a sport activity regularly. If your time schedule is really too crowded, then go to your work every day on foot.
Third Quarter
You should as a rule enjoy good physical balance. With this being said, beware of Mars, the planet of energy, in the sign opposite yours. He'll be responsible for your uneven tonicity. In good shape by moments, you can thereafter feel out of sorts or nervous. Do yoga or hiking: this will help you balance your energies.
Fourth Quarter
Your musculature does not seem to be at its top form and your physical resistance will leave much to be desired. You must think of practicing sports more or spending your leisure in another way than turning around or watching television. Take courage, knowing that "exercise is for the body what reading is for the mind" (Richard Steele). Profit by the present favorable astral juncture to tackle a good dietary program and to lose these few pounds in excess.
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