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Cancer Love and Romance
Romantic Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Venus will become your ally by settling down in a sign well related to yours. This promises you a happy period if you're married. If you're single, you'll be prone to flirtation but not really ready to commit yourself seriously. In some cases, one must beware of the impact of Saturn, a particularly difficult impact this time. Saturn being one of the stars who govern couple life, some natives will have communication difficulties in their couples; but this will concern a very small minority of you.
Second Quarter
This position of Uranus will put much animation in your conjugal life. For the majority of you, the present period will be positive: You'll be sensual and tender, and your spouse or mate will know how to take you to the seventh heaven. For some natives, however, Mars in this aspect can provoke disputes. Beware not to let things degenerate. If you're a lonely heart, the period will prove favorable to an encounter; it will decidedly not be the time to play at being timid!
Third Quarter
With this aspect of Venus, there'll be animation in your love life. If you're living in couple, the ambience will be warm and sensual. But this aspect will principally concern single folks. Numerous lonely natives will indeed meet someone who will not leave them indifferent. For some of them, there will even be a very important encounter which may change their lives drastically and end up with a marriage.
Fourth Quarter
If you're living in couple, you'll force the admiration of your spouse or mate by making difficult but indispensable decisions concerning your home and your children. Thus you'll form an exemplary couple with the other one. Single natives, you'll reject all relationship that does not lead to anything constructive. On the contrary, the person whom you'll meet this time might well resemble the ideal partner for you. Very quickly you two will begin talking about marriage or will envisage living together.
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