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Capricorn Career
Career Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
In work, your ambition will be awakened, and you'll have much less difficulty reaching your objectives than lately. You'll try everything in order to make your desires coincide with reality. In some cases, life itself will help you in this respect by offering you very favorable opportunities. The situation will evolve in a good direction, and you'll be very much appreciated.
Second Quarter
In your work, much will be demanded from you and you'll encounter some difficulties, which could put you under stress. But don't be afraid for the stars will support you by giving you torrents of energy and dynamism. Don't neglect either your physical appearance, your words, or your general behavior, for your entire personality will be at stake. If you succeed in convincing your interlocutors, then total success will be yours. In any case, you'll make notable progress.
Third Quarter
You'll now and then feel rather satisfied with your professional life. As a rule you'll have nothing to fear, but you'll be so demanding, as much with yourself as with your colleagues, that you may complicate what is nevertheless going well. Without indulging in sloppiness, though, try to be more relaxed, less perfectionist, and then the climate will immediately ease off.
Fourth Quarter
Much to do in your work, many responsibilities to fulfill in family. As a result, this period will evolve without your noticing it. You'd perhaps regret not to have more than twenty-four hours a day. But console yourself: it would be much better to see time pass too quickly than to be obliged to try desperately to kill it! With this being said, your work will give you plenty of satisfactions and, for some of you, a promotion or a pay raise is by no means impossible.
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