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Capricorn Finances
Financial Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
With this aspect of Saturn, your financial situation will be to the fore of your concerns. One must say that it'll be high time for you to think of a good management of your accounts. In any case, if you don't go about it, your banker will finally have to shake you up. As you habitually have a tendency to play yo-yo with your money, you'll have to make an effort at discipline. But this will be necessary, all the more as the bad aspect of Neptune may cause you some problems if you've been too casual about your finances.
Second Quarter
This planetary ambience will be rather neutral on the whole as far as the material lives of all natives of the sign are concerned. However, it can offer some chances in financial investments and in the domain of money other than that earned by work. Real estate speculation might prove very profitable to you these days.
Third Quarter
On arriving in the money sector of your chart, Mercury will suddenly render you very optimistic and therefore once more casual and even imprudent in financial matters. It's true that chance should make some unexpected money come in, but if you anticipate the events and spend all that money beforehand, then you won't be any better off!
Fourth Quarter
Certain financial problems will be solved thanks to providential helps which the good star Jupiter will cause to come. But this should not be a reason for you to be improvident when it comes to manage your budget, for you won't be immune to bad surprises in this field.
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