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Capricorn Health
Health Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
The Sun, the master of vitality, will endow you with strong resistance and good basic dynamism. Moreover, Mars, the master of energy, will also grant you excellent tonicity. Thus you'll be in a dazzling shape. Those of you who suffer from a long-standing affection will see their state of health improve. It will be the moment to try new therapies or to complete your habitual treatment with naturopathic care.
Second Quarter
Healthwise, you'll have nothing to fear since no planet will come to threaten this sector of your chart. Supported by Mercury and Jupiter, two energy planets who are harmoniously related to your sign, you'll be in very good shape. With this being said, don't ever overdo things and try to afford times of rest. Failing this, you could end up feeling fits of fatigue which might lessen your immune defenses.
Third Quarter
No planet in the sectors of your chart related to health. You'll therefore enjoy excellent tonicity which will render you very active at your work and will give you the desire to practice a sport. This is an excellent initiative that will help you keep up a sturdy body and unflinching morale. Nevertheless, be careful not to act imprudently; begin progressively since the presence of Neptune could slightly lessen your resistance and weaken your articulations.
Fourth Quarter
No particular problem in the health sector which will be affected by no planet. You should be in good physical shape. At most will you be liable to a temporary drop of morale due to the dissonant aspect which Mercury will form. But your capacity to cope with adversity should allow you to react swiftly and to recover your drive and energy. Useless to find compensations in food and drink excesses. It will be up to you to be reasonable so as to avoid problems.
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