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Capricorn Love and Romance
Romantic Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Venus will station herself in a sign in harmony with yours. This way the goddess of love will awaken your sensuality and greatly increase your charming power. If your couple is already formed, happiness will be there and you can enjoy the company of your spouse or mate. This celestial support will be reinforced during the last month of the period. This month will prove particularly favorable if you're single; a very important encounter is possible and even probable.
Second Quarter
It might be in your interest to keep a watchful eye on your mate without, however, showing inopportune jealousy. Indeed, the other one will know how to charm enormously and will have quite a crowd of admirers around him (her). If you're single, beware of mirages caused by badly positioned Mercury. You'll believe you've found the perfect, ideal partner. However, before letting yourself be carried away, try to know this person better.
Third Quarter
Jupiter will bring you luck in all areas of life, but it's your love affairs that will first profit by his good influxes. If you live in couple, the impact of this star will allow you to enjoy solid complicity with your spouse or mate. But above all it's lonely natives who'll profit by this celestial influence which promises them a first-rate encounter. Singles, open your eyes: amorous happiness could befall you in quite a casual way!
Fourth Quarter
Heartwise, with this aspect of Mercury, beware of temptations! If you're married or engaged in a more or less stable relation, be doubly vigilant and control yourself well. It would be too stupid to give in to a momentary joy and have eternal regrets or remorses afterwards! Single natives will have good chances to find their sister souls under rather unexpected circumstances.
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