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Gemini Career
Career Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
In your work, you'll have your feet well planted on the ground, and you'll show realism and a remarkable sense of organization. This will permit you to lose a minimum of time and to be extremely efficient. If you've a precise career plan, you'll be in a position to realize it point per point and to climb up the hierarchy ladder methodically.
Second Quarter
At work, you won't run the risk of being hampered in your efforts by unforeseen delays. You can even benefit from nice opportunities. If you know how to exploit them fully, you'll progressively consolidate your situation. Those of you who wish to change their service or choose a new orientation will succeed in this delicate turn. Creation projects will be particularly favored. Nevertheless, be careful not to act imprudently.
Third Quarter
The Sun in harmonic aspect will help you to progress in your work. This will be materialized by a more relaxed, less stressful ambience. At the same time, all the while remaining ready to seize the good opportunities that will present themselves, you'll be from now on less tense concerning your career, you'll give less importance to exterior signs of success. This less demanding attitude will render you easier to live with.
Fourth Quarter
As far as your work is concerned, the stars will be on the whole favorable and you'll have nothing serious to fear. But the negative configurations formed by Neptune can provoke temporary difficulties in your work. It's possible that some of your colleagues show themselves aggressive towards you, or that your hopes of a promotion be thwarted. Whatever may happen, it's by smoothing down the rough edges and by negotiating that you'll find solutions, not by reacting to provocations.
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