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Gemini Finances
Financial Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Be extremely careful concerning your finances. You won't run any serious risk if you remain attentive and if you control your expenses closely. But if you lack rigor, you may have to pay a very high price for it. Why? Quite simply because Saturn, the planet of restriction, will be in conflict with Neptune. Consequently, beware of errors in your accounts, and also of a bad appreciation of your situation that might induce you to take too many risks on the financial plane.
Second Quarter
Mercury, highlighted in your chart, will prove very favorable to you as far as your finances are concerned. He'll assure you of chance, success, and an easy life. There'll be important, sometimes unexpected, money movements that are often in relation with faraway countries. Better luck in chance games, fruitful initiatives in financial transactions. But beware of scroungers!
Third Quarter
No planet will directly affect the money sector of your chart, and so you can manage your budget calmly. Jupiter, one of the financially positive stars, being favorable to you, you could perhaps even improve your incomes or make some savings. Simply be careful not to spend all your money on the spur of the moment and, in addition, for something that's not worth it. This period will be favorable to the acquisition of household electricals.
Fourth Quarter
You won't hesitate to take financial risks in the hope of developing your situation more rapidly. You should succeed thanks to the tonic influxes of Jupiter. However, show great discretion, avoid revealing your intentions to other persons than trustworthy counselors. You'll also probably have some money coming in.
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