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Gemini Health
Health Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Good dynamism on the whole. This aspect of Mercury will prove fairly favorable to you concerning your health. Those of you who suffer from a long-time affection will see their state stabilize. This will be the moment to try new treatments: you'll have chances to find cares that suit you better. The only delicate thing with Mercury: you'll have a better appetite than ever; you should therefore control your diet closely.
Second Quarter
Uranus, habitually very gentle, won't be so at all this time. Presently in a bad position, he's believed to favor a weakening of the gall bladder, thus causing difficult, slow digestion. In case of trouble, don't commit the error of abstaining totally from all fats for fear of intolerance: the absence of lipids does not favor an increase of gall production but can, on the contrary, impair the assimilation of certain vitamins and trace elements. With this being said, be careful nevertheless not to abuse too fatty foods - nuts, walnuts, almonds, croissants, brioches, mayonnaise, whole milk, as well as all saucy and deep-fried dishes.
Third Quarter
You'll enjoy a good basic balance. But the negative aspect of Neptune can cause you some minor health problems. Beware: food excesses could result immediately in liver troubles, and a lack of sleep in uncontrollable fatigue. Beware also of microbic and viral infections; think to reinforce your immune defenses notably by eating fresh fruits and green vegetables.
Fourth Quarter
This period will bring about a slowing down of your vital functions. Your liver will be lazy with repercussions on your intestines whose action will be slow and capricious. This period won't be good either as far as the precision of movements is concerned; you should foresee possible awkward movements or falls. In order to diminish the period's negative influence, a cure of complete vitamins or calcium may prove quite useful. Also, don't forget to do exercises every day.
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