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Gemini Love and Romance
Romantic Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
This astral environment might somewhat complicate your life. This will be the case with couples whose mutual understanding has left to be desired for some time. Your mate won't want any longer to make concessions; he (she) may even drive you into a corner. Uranus, on his side, will prove rather unfavorable to certain single natives. Indeed, under his influence, you may suddenly become incredibly demanding. Wanting to meet a half-god or a top model is certainly not the best way to get out of loneliness!
Second Quarter
With Venus in your sign, your love affairs will be delicious. You'll experience moments of intense passion, but with the risk of being yourself more demanding than usual. Your mate would be well advised to be up to the task by making use of much imagination and panache. If you accept your beloved one as he (she) is, your understanding with him (her) will be perfect. In the contrary case, tensions are possible. If you're on the lookout for the sister soul, you'll have excellent chances to meet it these days.
Third Quarter
If you live as a couple, you'll establish good complicity with your mate with whom you'll form a solid team. If your heart is free, love will be at the center of your concerns. Depending on your temperament and the hazard of encounters, Venus can induce you to embark seriously on a new relation, or on the contrary to accumulate adventures that'll prove quite agreeable in spite of all.
Fourth Quarter
Serious problems with your mate will compel you to reconsider your sentimental future. Don't panic! If you avoid carefully to take any decision under the spell of anger, the situation should improve progressively. All the more so as, by the end of this period, you can count on the support of Mercury who'll incite you to look at life under a more optimistic and positive angle. As for lonely souls, the relationships created these days will have every chance to last and prosper.
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