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Leo Career
Career Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Not a single planet in view in the work sector. This doesn't mean that you'll remain with your arms folded but only that you'll carry out your current business without showing excessive zeal. In this climate which apparently is rather routine, there could nevertheless be a place for the unforeseen. Indeed, one could propose you to tackle a new vocational training or to improve yourself in your present sector of activity.
Second Quarter
Chance will always be at your side and, even though no planet directly influences your professional life, you can still consolidate your situation. Many stars will grant you exceptional dynamism and a potential of chance that others will envy you. Don't spoil everything, then, by giving in to the more delicate impact of Pluto, who may inspire you excessive comportments. Remain courteous and don't have your eyes bigger than your belly!
Third Quarter
Your career will come under the floodlights. Jupiter will help you to make good choices, and he'll grant you some exceptional strokes of chance. It will be in your interest to profit from this period so as to progress in your work as Jupiter, the star of chance, will amplify the beneficent influences of other stars and lessen whatever nefarious influences they could have.
Fourth Quarter
The professional climate will be rather delicate. You who habitually are not very ambitious will have the desire to improve your situation, but without much success. Promises will be made to you, certain projects will seem to have the wind in their sails... and then nothing really important will take place! Above all, remain patient for chance will soon come to your rescue. Everything will then be on the go rapidly. Be prepared to take control of the new situation.
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