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Leo Finances
Financial Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
With this aspect of Saturn, you won't have much to do to maintain your finances in good conditions. The loan you requested unsuccessfully since a long time will finally be granted to you and moreover at the best market rate. On the whole, material and financial aspects will be given priority, and the astral environment will be favorable to you in this respect. Certain natives will receive an unexpected sum of money; others will profit by a totally fortuitous inheritance.
Second Quarter
Everything will go well in the financial domain. You'll profit by good chance and, even though you may not win big sums of money, you'll enjoy pecuniary ease that will shelter you from harsh needs. Jupiter will protect you and could even make you lucky at gambling, but on condition that you take no great risks. The period's planetary influxes as a whole will allow you to sniff out and to seize numerous financial opportunities that will come within your reach.
Third Quarter
You should not have many concerns on the financial plane this time. But on condition, of course, that you remain prudent. Indeed, Saturn has stopped affecting your budgetary balance, which should bring about a real improvement. But don't forget that Pluto will still be present in the financial sector of your chart and that he can play dirty tricks on you if you spend too much or if you lack judgment.
Fourth Quarter
Unpredictable financial upheavals might make you lose much money. It's why, if you absolutely want to speculate, you should ask for the advice of specialists, who may perhaps help you avoid risky investments.
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