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Leo Health
Health Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Problem-free period concerning health. Saturn will prove rather favorable, helping you to surmount the nervousness of the preceding times. Those of you who suffer from a chronic disease should however beware of the momentarily nefarious impact of Pluto. Follow your treatment scrupulously so as to avoid a debility or relapse.
Second Quarter
Mars and Mercury will influence your health sector, which promises you enhanced general tonicity and rather good resistance. But beware: Given that numerous other planets will bother you, you may at times neglect your life hygiene. Be careful above all not to let yourself be tempted by abuse of alcohol which will certainly provide you with momentarily merry evenings but also difficult morrows, all the more so as your liver won't be at the peak of its form.
Third Quarter
With the support of Uranus, you should be in very good shape. For once, then, try to snuff the thousand and one worries which you habitually nurture concerning your state of health. You feel well? Enjoy it without afterthought instead of undermining your morale and inventing insomnias by wondering what kind of catastrophe lies in wait for you!
Fourth Quarter
You'll be in very good shape. With this aspect of Mars, one can foresee that you'll lack neither energy nor joy of living. At most can you fear that this rather hyper planetary configuration can at times render you somewhat nervous and end up disturbing your sleep. Should this be the case, sessions of relaxation as well as teas made of sedative plants and taken in the evening should steady your nerves.
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