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Leo Love and Romance
Romantic Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
You're going to enter a peaceful period as far as the affairs of your heart are concerned. If you're living in couple, your relationships with your spouse or mate will be placed under the sign of well-being and tenderness. Even if your couple life has recently encountered difficulties, these should now be behind you. If you're single, Mercury, in becoming favorable, will offer you an active social life. You'll make encounters; and, who knows, among such new acquaintances someone can perhaps get your attention.
Second Quarter
You're going to benefit from an extraordinary influx of chance in love. Venus will help you to make yourself noticed, to be in good shape, merry, optimistic, magnanimous. In short, there will emanate from you so positive energy, your eyes will be so bright and your smile so charming that you'll painlessly gather all the hearts on your way. And then you'll only be spoiled for choice - if ever you want to make a choice instead of wanting to take everything!
Third Quarter
Not a single star will have a direct influence on the love sector of your chart, and this implies that your sentimental life won't go through any great change. If you live in couple, happiness will be there, a simple but authentic happiness, to be lived day after day. If you're single, the arrival of Uranus in your sign will be the starting point of a period favorable to amorous encounters. Perhaps will you this time meet someone who'll make your heart thump.
Fourth Quarter
The affective life will be favored from the very beginning of this period. But very rapidly, with the arrival of Neptune in your love sector, the ambience may cool off, and then misunderstandings and various complications may arise. This is an astral aspect of excessive dreaming, of a tendency to illusion and of disappointments. It will also be favorable to infidelity, deceitfulness and, above all, jealousy.
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