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Leo Outlook
Present and Future Outlook
by Astrologer Master Rao
Today's Outlook
(August 15, 2018)
This Week's Outlook
A slight decrease of your libido; but the phenomenon will be transitory. A stroke of financial luck is possible but don't believe too quickly in Santa Claus. Refuse to buy a beautiful object which is not expensive but is of doubtful origin; you'll thus contribute to curbing delinquency. You may fall madly in love this time. A turn may be rounded in your career or ambitions this time; prepare your terrain, make the necessary arrangements and make yourself be appreciated for your efficiency in your work.
Outlook for 2018
This year you'll benefit from excellent astral influxes. You'll know how to profit by life and by all the events it brings about. You'll achieve most of your dearest projects. However, you'll sometimes have to cope with calls into question, which may perhaps be violent and painful but which will bring about a definite improvement of your comportment and of your heart. Submit yourself graciously to such astral influences, do not shirk them.
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