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Libra Career
Career Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Uranus in disharmonic aspect may be the cause of contretemps in your work. But there'll be nothing really serious to fear. In case of problem, don't panic, you'll rapidly find a solution. For some natives, this period will be marked with an interesting professional proposal: new responsibilities, a more motivating post, or even an unexpected job offer that will delight them. If this happens to you, just go ahead.
Second Quarter
With the blessing of the stars, your professional projects will have great chances to be successful in the best possible conditions. But it will be necessary to act with discernment. Beware of too anarchic a behavior: know how to measure out and coordinate your efforts; sporadic, they would prevent you from progressing harmoniously and entail many possibilities of failure. In any case, you'll draw great satisfactions from your work.
Third Quarter
Three stars will join together to increase your ambition, to instill you manual and intellectual agility, to incite you to take risks and to trust your good intuition. With such trump cards in your hands, you should succeed in all that you'll undertake. Now, don't hesitate to act, launch all the projects which are dear to you. Promotion or pay increase for some of you, better working conditions for others.
Fourth Quarter
For many natives of the sign, the astral climate of this period seems very favorable to the professional sphere. Hard work, perseverance and useful supports will prove to be the key to your success, especially if your pursue or are going to pursue an independent or commercial profession. You can count on solid friendships who'll prove decisive in some cases. On the whole, your work will provide you with immense satisfactions.
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