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Libra Finances
Financial Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
"Help thyself and Heaven wilt help thee": this old general proverb will prove really timely for you during this period. Those of you who manage their budget wisely will be quite at ease. Others who've spent without counting, under the pretext whether of pampering their children or renewing their wardrobe, will have difficulties smoothing things out. This will prove all the more troublesome as the coming months do not seem to promise you exceptional gains. Prudence, then!
Second Quarter
This period being placed under the sign of an insolent chance concerning the financial domain of your life, it will not be surprising at all if you're one of the Lotto winners or gain a totally unexpected sum of money. Beware, however: if you win much, you'll perhaps have difficulty keeping this money. Indeed, you're not among the signs who know instinctively how to manage their finances. Seek advice, then. In any case, be extremely careful in your expenses.
Third Quarter
This period will be without a hitch as far as your finances are concerned. However, you must beware of Mercury. This planet is not negative by nature; he will even awaken your desire to improve your financial balance, which is evidently a good thing. But look out: Mercury can also at the same time greatly increase your desire for purchases. You must therefore remain most watchful so as not to go beyond your limits.
Fourth Quarter
Well supported by Uranus in good aspects, you'll spend this period without financial problems and can even look for important incoming money or a pay raise. If your job is more or less related to jewelry, be extremely prudent and vigilant in your various transactions since there'll be risks of swindle or robbery.
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