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Libra Health
Health Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Favorable period healthwise. Each of your efforts to adopt a good life hygiene will be rewarded. You'll rather rapidly obtain a clear improvement in any aspect, be it your sleep, your dynamism, your nervousness, or your weight. Moreover, Uranus will help those of you who suffer from chronic disorders to find new therapies that are better suited to their cases.
Second Quarter
During this period avoid overwork, all the more as your entire organism will be somewhat shaky. Spend your evenings in the quiet, among your loved ones, whether watching television, listening to soft music, or reading your favorite authors. Your back will be rather sensitive; you should take care of it by refraining from excessive or prolonged efforts; don't do violent exercises or make brusque movements; at the first sign of backache, total rest.
Third Quarter
As a rule your health will be quite good. The stars present in your health sector will reinforce your careful temperament and will incite you to adopt a lifestyle aimed at preserving your physical form to the most. Simply beware of Pluto who may push you to embarking on too severe a diet program: anorexia has never done any good to anyone!
Fourth Quarter
Very good state of health for the majority of you. But some natives may be vulnerable to headaches or insomnias. Don't stuff yourself with sedatives or tranquilizers. All you'll need to fight the harmful action of badly positioned Neptune will be more rest than usual and good humor.
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