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Pisces Career
Career Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
No question to rush in your job! You'll progress slowly but surely and, in order to limit risks of failure to the utmost, you'll take important decisions only after due reflection. It's in this manner that you'll succeed in giving a solid basis to your professional situation. Nevertheless, you shouldn't hesitate to take audacious initiatives, otherwise you could miss interesting opportunities.
Second Quarter
You had plenty of elbow room lately and profited by it in order to increase your prestige or status without much difficulty. But this time you'll be compelled to adapt yourself to a less easy juncture. This does not mean that your situation will be threatened but that, in order to preserve your attainments and continue to progress, you'll have to establish priorities, make choices, and be more combative. But this should not be too difficult for you!
Third Quarter
Your professional horizon will be well cleared. Indeed, everything should be at best since you're at present benefiting from a good dose of chance thanks to the presence of Mercury in the sign in harmony with yours. Uranus, the star of originality, will help you propose interesting ideas, and Saturn will allow you to organize your work swiftly and efficiently. However, beware of clumsy demands, otherwise success might escape you.
Fourth Quarter
Chance will continue to protect you. Thanks to the beautiful aspect of Uranus, an entirely unexpected event might open new prospects for you. Be on the lookout for it so as not to miss it. For some of you, the impact of the planet Jupiter will result in a change which will at first seem rather negative. However, remain confident: In the medium-range term, you'll discover on the contrary that this evolution is profitable to you, and you can only be pleased with the turn taken by the events.
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