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Pisces Finances
Financial Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
The passing of Uranus can have two sets of consequences. On one hand, this planet will incite you to make great efforts at improving your incomes, which evidently is a very positive thing. But on the other hand, he may instill you compulsive spending desires, so much so that you may be induced to sign a check or contract a loan largely above your means! You should therefore think to control yourself strictly.
Second Quarter
If investments interest you, you must these days have a realistic vision of things. With this being said, the stars promise certain chance on the financial plane. But you must avoid seeing too big in your undertakings, otherwise you might let yourself take useless risks that can cause heavy losses.
Third Quarter
With this aspect of the Sun, you should not have too many financial difficulties. But beware! Three other stars can by moments render you rather imprudent. Of course, your budgetary balance seems quite solid at present, but if you indulge in useless purchases beyond your real possibilities, then you'll be obliged to fill the holes. Vigorously resist the temptation to live above your means.
Fourth Quarter
According to all astral indications, you'll acquire more ease on the financial plane thanks to an inheritance, a marriage, an association, or more simply to an improvement of the situation of your spouse or mate. You'll get along quite well with him (her), and this will induce you both to invest on the long term. Certain material ease is promised to all natives of the sign.
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