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Pisces Health
Health Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
The health sector will be somewhat disturbed. If you're in good health, then be reassured, you'll only know some transient difficulties, for instance concerning your digestion. But if you suffer from a long-time affection, then badly aspected Mercury may cause you some troubles. There'll be nothing really serious and you can obtain efficacious care; but in case of a real problem or great fatigue, don't hesitate to consult a doctor.
Second Quarter
Undergoing the bad influx of Pluto, you'll have a quite capricious appetite these days. You'll then be tempted to feed yourself in an anarchic manner. Try to control yourself a little, otherwise it won't take you long to suffer from the consequences of this unbalanced diet. At least try to take three meals per day, at regular hours, and refrain from nibbling at any moment of the day and even at night. With this being said, if you're reasonable, you'll enjoy quite satisfactory health during this period.
Third Quarter
The health sector will be very little protected by the stars. But don't panic: the planetary influences won't be so negative as to threaten you seriously. You may simply be a little less resistant than habitual. One bit of advice: a few sessions of acupuncture will be apt to stimulate your immune defenses and to restore the balance of your energies. On the other hand, be careful in the use of tools. Some clumsiness or absent-mindedness could provoke wounds, particularly in your hands. This will mostly be the consequence of your state of nervousness caused by the bad influx of Neptune.
Fourth Quarter
The changes of weather conditions, the effects of humidity or of pollution will be a source of more or less bothersome disorders such as otitis, headaches, sudden rise of temperature, gum ulcers, and above all nose discharges with gastric troubles and nausea as a consequence. In order to reinforce the defenses of your body shaken by the bad aspects of Neptune, take vitamin C, preferably as prescribed by your doctor. But apart from this, there'll be nothing to fear for your health.
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