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Pisces Horoscope
Feb. 19 to Mar. 20
Excerpt From "The New Astrology©" by Suzanne White
Pisces Symbol
As the twelfth and final sign of the occidental zodiac, Pisceans make comfortable followers. Pisces people don't find their direction easily. They are not self-propelled and they feel a certain distance from the rest of the human race. When things don't go their way, Pisceans may surrender to self-pity.

Pisces is the soul of sensitivity. Nothing escapes his notice. The faint rustle of a falling leaf that kisses the earth sounds, to a Pisces, like a huge truck smashing into a brick wall. Baby's whimpering in his crib is, to a hyper-susceptible Pisces, the wail of a thousand hungry infants. Pisces is born this way. Overly, tenderly, pricklingly, unrestrainedly sensitive. Pisceans tend toward all that is beautiful, gravitate to loveliness and crave the artistic. Pisceans are the sleepy, languorous, irresistible creators of whom we frequently don't hear a syllable. Not power-hungry, Pisceans are mostly humble and modest about achievements. They are not interested in fame. If fortune comes their way, they'll accept it. But Pisceans usually don't go after glory.

Pisceans are very proud people. They are not cocky, nor do they go around boasting of their conquests and masterpieces. Pisceans are easygoing and seem to be made of butter. Ask them to move an inch left because they're blocking your view. Without a word, Pisces shifts to the left. Suggest a new way of eating snails with a shovel. Pisces is right up there in the front of the queue, raring to please and adjust to whatever is required. But dare to challenge Pisces's deepest beliefs, disagree with his sense of taste or the spiritual tenet by which he lives, and the fish may well turn into a shark before your rapidly blinking peepers. Pisceans have profound personal integrity.

It's not uncommon for Pisceans to suffer. First, they are easily hurt. Secondly, they are afflicted with overwhelming self-doubt. Worldly accomplishment is beyond Pisces because it requires a firm connection to hard reality, which Pisces would rather avoid. Tough and ruthless competitors disguised as friendly warmhearted colleagues or companions may hoodwink the earnest Piscean and leave him beside himself in a heap of disappointment and bafflement He doesn't handle tactics or strategics well. He wants to remain aloof so he can dream and imagine and let his mind wander.

You can be sure to find Pisceans wherever the water is. Pisceans love the soothing silence of water and will go to great lengths to plunge themselves into anything from a stream to an ocean, a bathtub or a Jacuzzi.

Pisceans take all emotional involvement seriously. Whether it's a love affair or a friendship, a child-parent relationship or some other family tie, you can be sure Pisces will nurture the link. The Pisces person loves unconditionally will alter viewpoints or swim willingly in the opposite direction just to please a loved one. If you are enamored of a Pisces, grab your snorkel and flippers and paddle after your fish to the ends of the sea.
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