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Pisces Love and Romance
Romantic Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
This astral environment, dominated by Venus, should highlight your love affairs. If you're living a regular relation, the time will come for negotiations to find a good modus vivendi or for a strengthening of your relationships. As for single natives, here's a period of passion and enthusiasm. But beware: you'll so much desire to be in love that you may jump rather thoughtlessly on the first person who appears within your reach; a little patience would allow you to choose better and to avoid a possible disappointment.
Second Quarter
Jealousy in your sentimental Sky! This will be nothing really sensational since, as a good native of this sign, you're naturally exclusive and possessive. However, don't go too far! Know that "jealousy is the worst of evils and the one that causes the least sympathy to the person who provokes it" (La Rochefoucauld). Be vigilant if you want to keep your beloved one; shower him (her) with attentions; and, above all, don't get angry, otherwise you may disrupt the very ties that you want to preserve at all costs.
Third Quarter
In spite of the somewhat destabilizing influence of Pluto, you should be able to find solutions that would allow you to live better with your mate. For this, it will suffice to heed the other one's demands by taking them seriously instead of considering them as mere whims. If you're single, things may get more lively with the arrival of many stars in the love sector; such stars will awaken your charm and your sensuality.
Fourth Quarter
Particularly favorable period as far as your affairs of the heart are concerned. Venus in good aspects will prove to be the guarantor of great amorous happiness. Long-time couples will experience a new impetus of tender passion. Other natives, swept away by intense, deep, passionate sentiments, will form happy and benefic projects for the future, projects that will very likely be crowned with marriage.
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