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Sagittarius Career
Career Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Heaven will be beneficent on the professional plane since the master of chance, Jupiter, will influence the work sector. Profit by this, success will be yours. If you wish to modify your professional activity, the period will also be very favorable. Those of you who want to be on their own and work as independents should be able to carry out the change in very good conditions.
Second Quarter
You'll enter a period of professional expansion. Pluto will help you to realize all that is presently in seed. Mars and Mercury will inspire you movement, dynamism, and creativity in your work, while Saturn will allow you to make immediate profits. But all this on a condition: You should not block these magnificent influxes of Heaven out of fear or timidity. You're among the signs who tend to have doubts about themselves, which would this time be the least appropriate attitude.
Third Quarter
No difficult planet will influence your professional life and this is an excellent bit of news. Nonetheless, the insolent chance which favored you lately will begin to lessen. Your situation will remain stable; but you'll improve your condition less easily. On the contrary, you won't have to fear a worsening of your situation. It will therefore be routine, the one that's agreeable and easy to live with.
Fourth Quarter
You can only rejoice at the presence of Jupiter, the star of chance and success, in your career sector. You'll finally reap the results of your efforts. For all natives, a clear improvement is in view. In certain cases, the harvest will be appreciable: Important promotion, coming under the floodlights, successes of all kinds are possible. To those who're unemployed, Jupiter will certainly bring a stable job in his bag.
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