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Sagittarius Health
Health Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
The zones of your chart related to health will host no planet. As a result, your health capital will not be threatened. However, with Mars and Uranus, two stars of vitality forming a tense configuration, you may at times feel in shaky form. It will only be light surface fatigue and you'll recuperate rapidly. But this can also bring about a few moments of great nervousness. If you have difficulty falling asleep one night, don't rush on sleeping pills; rather, read a good novel, and you'll catch up the subsequent nights.
Second Quarter
As a rule you should not lack tonicity. Uranus will notably grant you solid physical and mental resistance. But you must beware of Mars: Indeed, this planet of energy may make you go through an alternation of good shape and nervousness. A solution to recover your balance: The practice of yoga or relaxation or, more simply, some hiking.
Third Quarter
Tonicity on the upswing. You'll happily have the right to top-level dynamism. This harmonious position of Mars will be quite useful to you for it will allow you to recuperate rapidly in case of fatigue. Moreover, if you feel you're going to lose your temper, you'll always have the possibility to let off steam by doing half-hour jogging each day or going to kick at a ball.
Fourth Quarter
The sectors of your chart related to health will host two of the most beneficent planets, Mars and Venus. This as a rule promises you a problem-free period as far as your health is concerned. As a rule, but as a rule only. For these two stars have a weak point: One and the other incite to neglect life hygiene. Eating too much, drinking too much, and going without daily physical exercise may in the long run provoke disorders, notably digestive disorders.
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