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Sagittarius Love and Romance
Romantic Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
An easy period heartwise. Lonely natives will feel much more at ease than lately and will have the right to a more satisfying sentimental life. As for couples, the sky will be cleared and the once shaken complicity will be strengthened. Those of you who've divorced would do better not to plunge headlong into a new relation simply out of fear of loneliness; on the contrary, it'll be in their interest to be careful so as not to commit the same errors again.
Second Quarter
Supported by Venus and Mars, you'll feel a powerful surge of passion for the man (woman) of your life. The monotony and ordinariness that began to invade your couple life will be swept away. A candle-lit dinner or a small trip together is possible. Torrid nights are probable. In any case, you'll express your feelings with force, and your mate will have the wonderful impression of living on a pink cloud!
Third Quarter
During this period numerous planets will have an impact on your love affairs. This means that everything is possible: peaceful and happy days for most of you; loneliness for those who set up too high standards; a breaking off for those who refuse to make concessions; and also a capital encounter for some natives - one of such encounters that happen only once or twice during a lifetime!
Fourth Quarter
This astral environment is extremely favorable to love at first sight. Love may befall you like a powerful avalanche. Whether you're lonely or already engaged in a union, you'll have chances to taste the savors of a new idyll. Nevertheless, be circumspect: if such delicious thrills could harm you in a way or another, then resign yourself to renouncing them!
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