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Sagittarius Outlook
Present and Future Outlook
by Astrologer Master Rao
Today's Outlook
(August 15, 2018)
This Week's Outlook
You'll know how to profit by the joys of home life and have constructive discussions with your children. Single natives will enter a period of amorous stability. At work, don't hesitate to see large and far. The moment will be well chosen to chose an anti-age strategy; make a good cure of selenium. Some good money entries. If you desire to travel, all chances will be on your side; make a small journey or a stay in a pleasant place, go and meet people outside your habitual environment, etc.
Outlook for 2018
This year will give you many occasions to prove your own worth. Don't hesitate to launch your various projects. In order to be sure to achieve your objectives, be perfectly organized and summon up your courage and tenacity. You'll be in a position to head for success. Think of controlling your instincts better. And remember: "No one is luckier than him who believes in his luck" (German proverb).
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