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Scorpio Career
Career Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
The strong current of chance which has been supporting you since some time will still increase these days, helping you to realize your wishes within the framework of your job. It's true your career sectors host no planet, which is an indication of professional stability. And this very rare aspect of Uranus signals an important expansion in your life, particularly in the career field.
Second Quarter
Your professional prospects are not bad, but success will not befall you as a matter of course. Numerous planets are presently in the career sectors of your natal chart. Some of these planets are beneficent: This is particularly the case with the Sun and Jupiter. But other planets may prove rather troublesome by provoking delays. But don't lose heart: The events will turn in your favor.
Third Quarter
Everyday life within the framework of your job will be easy and carefree. This relaxed ambience will enable you to think about future projects and precisely define your new professional goals. Indeed, a number of you will have the desire to carry out a more independent or more creative activity. Even though you're for the moment compelled to do a job which you deem too restricting or too routine, don't become disheartened; learn a new discipline, make contacts, make inquiries: Thus you could soon embark on a new career.
Fourth Quarter
Boosted by the Square between Mars and Uranus, a rather rare and very favorable configuration, you'll be very much motivated to succeed in your career. You will not only try to obtain the recognition that you wish or to have more responsibilities or autonomy, you'll also strive to establish good relationships with your professional entourage and to make your everyday life at work as agreeable and fruitful as possible. Thanks to the support of the stars, you'll reach your goals easily.
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