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Scorpio Finances
Financial Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Dynamic Mars will help you to make good choices in money matters. But beware: Mars also often renders impulsive; and even you who, as a good native of this sign, never indulge in rash expenses, may go through a phase of mild folly. Do not go beyond the limits of your budget for you won't bear seeing your bank account plunge into the red zone.
Second Quarter
The astral ambience of this period will be rather neutral on the material plane. The action of the principal star, Pluto, will be mild, except for finances where he can suggest useful investments that require some daring and decision power. Money will come in regularly, and there are no important expenses in view. You'll continue to enjoy certain material ease. Perhaps it might be the time to think of saving a little more for your coming vacation.
Third Quarter
The influence of Neptune will be ambiguous concerning finances. Among other things, it may plunge you into illusion and confusion. Be careful, then: if you have to sign contracts or make important financial decisions, be doubly vigilant. Your lack of lucidity might cause you to make a bad choice. Some of you may also have to deal with dishonest interlocutors.
Fourth Quarter
Mercury will favor certain financial aspects. It might be an occasion for some of you to hasten the reimbursement of debts, and for others to appeal to justice for a raise of pensions or allowances. In any case, your incomes will tend to increase somewhat whereas your expenses will remain stable. You'll have the means to offer beautiful and rather costly gifts to those whom you love.
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