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Scorpio Outlook
Present and Future Outlook
by Astrologer Master Rao
Today's Outlook
(August 15, 2018)
This Week's Outlook
Beware of cold snaps: your joints might suffer from them. Tensions will threaten your life as a couple, but a frank and calm dialog can prevent them. You could win a lot in a game of luck. Your morale is at a low ebb? Then concern yourself more of your interior, your garden, or of other people, and everything will fare better. Relatively tranquil professional life; you'll succeed in preserving or obtaining certain independence in your job.
Outlook for 2018
It might happen to you from time to time this year to be too idealistic, to the point of losing your sense of reality and consequently of exposing yourself to such disappointments as you'll find it hard to endure. Try to have a more correct view of people and things. Don't be overly sad about the behavior of others - behavior that you'll find deplorable, unreasonable. "In order to live, let live" (Baltasar Gracian).
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