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Taurus Career
Career Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Thanks to the support of Jupiter, you really won't have anything serious to fear for your work. Nevertheless, the everyday routine may be disturbed by unexpected events. You're among the signs who need security and stability in order to work efficaciously, and therefore the contretemps of this period can somewhat destabilize you. Try to preserve your self-confidence and act right away in order to take up the challenges. Your combativeness will allow you to turn the situation to your advantage.
Second Quarter
In your work you'll fully profit by the efficacious support of Uranus. Therefore, don't waste a single minute! You'll have the possibility to bring large-scale projects to a successful conclusion - projects that require daring, cool-headedness, and initiative. You'll also show a sharp competitive mind, and your competitors will have to watch out!
Third Quarter
With this aspect of Uranus, you'll once more be inhabited by ambition in your work. People generally think you're rather easy-going, they also affirm that you prefer preserving your personal life to committing yourself to your career. But now you'll be in a position to compete with anyone in the professional field! You'll soon see your relentlessness bear its fruits.
Fourth Quarter
In your work, try to carry out your most urgent or most tedious tasks first. The way will then be free for your beautiful initiatives. Learn the good habit of liquidating your obligations as soon as they arrive, instead of letting them pile up and then have the effect of interfering with your march forward or even of demoralizing you. This habit is not so hard to acquire as it seems, and it can render you tremendous services!
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