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Taurus Finances
Financial Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Jupiter, the star of chance and success, promises you a favorable period on the financial plane. Don't hesitate to ask for a pay raise or, if you've some savings, to envisage more profitable placements. But beware of a lack of lucidity: Don't be too optimistic or too spendthrift.
Second Quarter
On account to the present astral configuration, the times will incite more to savings than to inconsiderate expenses. This means that you'll be evolving and that money will inspire you serious motivations. Perhaps you'll renounce material or financial advantages so as to blossom in the path you've chosen. Or perhaps you'll envisage to buy an apartment or a house. In all cases, you'll do well to seek the counsel of competent people so as to reorganize your personal assets and find the best way to get a return on your resources.
Third Quarter
Given this planetary climate, your financial situation should be stable. But, of course, if the stars don't threaten you with any problem independent of your will, they don't seem either decided to increase your bank account. Prudence, then; think more than twice before making an important purchase.
Fourth Quarter
Financially, everything will go well if you manage your budget wisely, avoid excessive spendings and wait for a more favorable moment to reorganize your placements. In the contrary case, beware, a backlash is possible. If you want to make a purchase that requires an important loan, think over it carefully before signing.
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