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Taurus Health
Health Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
It's doubtlessly to the harmonic Uranus that you'll owe your exceptional tonicity. On the physical as well as mental plane, it can be said that everything will go well. You'll brilliantly combine your professional life with your private life, and you'll even find enough energy to practice a sport. Nevertheless, with this aspect of Neptune, you won't be immune to a mild sprain of a wrist or an ankle; be careful, then!
Second Quarter
Under the impact of Mars, you'll enjoy excellent tonicity. You'll at no moment be short of dynamism. But you'll at times want to overdo things with the risk of letting yourself be overwhelmed by events. Try to organize your activities well and to stick to your schedule instead of hastily improvising an unbalanced timetable that could end up tiring you out. With this being said, don't worry, in no case will you run the risk of a real health problem.
Third Quarter
With Mercury and Mars, two energizing planets, in the sectors of your chart related to health, you won't lack energy. But beware of excessive nervousness that they can provoke. Also, beware of the risk of small accidents which is always present when these two planets are at play. Avoid too complicated do-it-yourself work and remain prudent on your car or bike.
Fourth Quarter
Mars and Mercury will be positive, one protecting tonicity and vitality, the other helping one to feel good about oneself, which is one of the best ways to be in good shape. Nevertheless, beware of a somewhat sly influence that Mercury can have. Indeed, this planet tends to render one very greedy whereas you, as a good native of this sign, are already a hearty eater. You must control yourself, otherwise your figure may become rounder quickly.
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