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Taurus Love and Romance
Romantic Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
On account of this aspect of Venus, two solutions for couples. If you're living a strong and harmonious relation, the planet will help you to deepen your complicity and even to pursue common projects. If your couple is shaky, then this period may be rather delicate; for some of you, a breaking off seems possible. Single natives may also be affected by these influences: indeed, an important encounter is in the offing for most of them.
Second Quarter
The love affairs that you may have will be passionate, violent, clearly nonconformist. But they do not seem made to last. Some couples may become shaky due to the indiscretions of one or the other mate. Widows and widowers of the sign will be more tempted by matrimony than other natives, and for quite a number of them the decision will be made rather hastily.
Third Quarter
Some tensions are possible in your sentimental life. This aspect of Neptune may render your mate nervous or aggressive. And since you won't be inclined to let yourself be pushed around, a conflict may rapidly arise. As for lonely natives, this period may be marked with a troubling encounter. But beware not to develop a passion for someone who's indifferent to you.
Fourth Quarter
Your love affairs will tend to stability; but this won't prevent you from living a more intense sentimental life. In your couple life, take things seriously and don't drag discussions out; you can consolidate your ties by a very agreeable complicity. As for single people, a change may prove very favorable and based on a stable and serious union.
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