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Virgo Career
Career Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
Jupiter and Saturn should as a rule protect your professional life. But their influence can be felt in a surprising and destabilizing way. Nevertheless, whatever may happen, you'll be able to react positively and can rapidly set things upright. Even those of you who are confronted with an apparently disquieting alarm should not panic: what happens during this period will have positive consequences on the medium term. What's important will be to preserve one's self-confidence.
Second Quarter
Careerwise, you'll only receive good planetary aspects. This is clearly a positive period as far as your work is concerned. Opportunities in relation with foreign countries will present themselves suddenly; don't let them go by, seize them immediately. Many of your ambitions will be achieved. Mercury will support your efforts in a specific manner and shelter you from distressing troubles.
Third Quarter
On the professional plane, you'll have no reason to worry. Nevertheless, it's possible that the atmosphere of your workplace is not ideal; a confusing or unstable climate can reign. Moreover, Mercury, a planet of affectivity, could entail some small quarrels with certain of your colleagues. Try to keep a low figure and to talk as little as possible, thus everything will go well.
Fourth Quarter
During this period you'll be among the chosen of Heaven as far as work is concerned. You'll be well protected and should be able to bring your most ambitious projects to a successful conclusion. You'll be endowed with energy, determination, strength of character, and perseverance. However, an influx of Pluto could create some misunderstandings in your work environment; in order to avoid them, try to say things without ambiguity. Also, try to keep a low figure: this will be more advantageous than coming under the floodlights these days.
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