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Virgo Health
Health Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
On the whole Uranus promises you good physical resistance. Simply beware of food and alcohol excesses. Indeed, this star habitually increases appetite and gourmandise but he does nothing to prevent digestive disorders or a weight increase!
Second Quarter
Be absolutely aware of this: "Whoever has health has everything; whoever has no health has nothing" (French proverb). Give your health top priority on all occasions. Be prepared to renounce whatever advantage that may harm your health in a way or another. Beware especially of overwork in the pursuit of your objectives. With this being said, your health will be as good as it can be during this period.
Third Quarter
This planetary climate dominated by Neptune might cause you to go through a rather delicate phase as far as your health is concerned. No panicking above all: you're by no means threatened by something serious. Simply, you'll be more inclined to somatizing and will resist stress rather badly. Some mild insomnia is quite probable. On the contrary, your psychological sense will prove very acute, and you can have premonitory dreams or startling flashes.
Fourth Quarter
Pluto will prove to be little favorable to health. You may often be nervous and have difficulty controlling your emotionalism. Drink soothing teas (camomile, lime-blossom, orange-flower), eat lettuce, white meats, but little red meat. Think of practicing a sport such as swimming or hiking: this will help you relax and sleep much better.
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