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Virgo Love and Romance
Romantic Outlook for 2018
by Astrologer Master Rao
First Quarter
With the star of desire, Mars, well positioned in your chart, your love life should evolve in an atmosphere marked with sensuality. Whether it's an increase of passion for your mate or an attraction to a new lover, you'll get stirred quite easily. But beware of the negative influence of Pluto who could very well jeopardize your plans or force you back to less romantic reality. Try to live the present moment as intensely as possible without being too enthusiastic about the future: This would be an appropriate attitude.
Second Quarter
Heartwise, the stars will contribute to lavish their favors on you. There will first of all be Venus whose presence will enhance your charisma and your charming power. Then it's Mars who will come to collaborate with her, thus heralding a passionate amorous climate. If you've already found your sister soul, here will be a period favorable to tender projects. And let single folks be reassured: They will not remain lonely a long time. Indeed, the presence of Mercury is likely to offer you love at first sight in your professional sphere.
Third Quarter
You'll dream of novelty and change; in other words, you'll want things to evolve a little in your conjugal life. And if your spouse or mate doesn't perceive this lassitude of yours, he/she may have to cope with a delicate situation! Indeed, you could very well go and look for your pleasure elsewhere! All the more so as opportunities for encounters will be numerous. Single folks, you'll tend to embark on innumerable love stories. But a decisive encounter will befall you without warning and can transform your conception of love.
Fourth Quarter
You'll expect much from your spouse or mate. Perhaps even too much. And this may cause some problems in your couple life. Try to be more realistic and do not demand your beloved one what he/she is not in a position to bring you. On the contrary, be ready to recognize his/her qualities, event though they may seem negligible to you. You'll be quite satisfied to have him/her by your side during the moments when you have the impression that no one understands you. Single natives, if you make an agreeable encounter this time, do not commit yourselves too quickly, otherwise mind out for disillusions! However, beneficial changes should take place in your love lives.
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