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Virgo Outlook
Present and Future Outlook
by Astrologer Master Rao
Today's Outlook
(August 15, 2018)
This Week's Outlook
An excess of nervous tension might provoke wrong movements; try not to overwork yourself, eat lighter foods than usual. In your work, you must expect a small bad patch. In love, a little jealousy will be good, but much jealousy will be disastrous! An intimate friend of yours will try to abuse your confidence. Financial operations and transactions concerning family possessions will be favored; you can also carry out good long-term investments, but on condition to consult specialists.
Outlook for 2018
You'll have to acquire a positive sense of time this year. You'll have to be more conscious that time is necessary to a harmonious and durable development of whatever you undertake and that one shouldn't jump over the stages. Know for a fact that "time does not spare what has been achieved without it" (François Fayolle).
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